House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service is our specialty

Inland Empire Maids offer professional House Cleaning Service in Riverside and Corona, CA. Your home is your most personal space, that’s why  we add a personal touch. We believe a long-lasting relationship starts with understanding what’s important to you. Inland Empire Maids is the most trusted source for all Professional Cleaning Service. Whether you have a Move-In/Move-out or a Residential/Commercial Cleaning. When you need any Home or Office cleaning we’re here to impress. As a result, we leave no doubt of our abilities to be your go-to Maid Service for the long haul.

There was a time when companies were run by people you knew. Doctors made house calls and the milkman knew your name. Service was personal back then. While big box stores and voice response units dominate are now the standard. There are still independent businesses that give you the choice of personal service. Inland Empire Maids is  one of those businesses. Dedicated to deliver (a best-in-class level) personal service and professionalism. That’s why Inland Empire Maids has become the most trusted Maid Cleaning Service in the Inland Empire.

House Cleaning Service Solutions

Home Cleaning ServiceIt starts with a visit to your home where we discuss your needs and offer solutions. We give you a written description of the work our staff will deliver. And we spend hours developing our employees – not just on how to clean but how to communicate and manage their work. We use recognition and incentives to support and foster professional growth and fun. We believe all our efforts to develop and grow our employees results in a happier team of individuals delivering a higher standard of service. Your choice of house cleaning service is a very personal one and we never take that for granted! Call Inland Empire Maids today @ 909-297-1966 to set an appointment to have your office or home cleaned with a smile.


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